Leadership change for the Greensburg Rotary

Greensburg Rotarians gathered Monday, June 27, to welcome 2022-2023 Greensburg Club to welcome 2022-2023 Greensburg Club 3437, District #6580 to welcome President, Alex Sefton and to pay tribute to the hard work and solid leadership of 2021-2022 President Jenni Hanna. Rotary International Club officer years run July
through June.
In the club’s honored tradition, Hanna handed the gavel to Sefton, after which the new president
spoke with club members, beginning with recognition of the club’s many achievements and
community enriching actions under Hanna’s watch.
These included overseeing the club’s most successful fundraiser event, the archery tournament in
conjunction with North Decatur Archery; the addition of 7 new members to the club roster;
establishing a focus on regular community service projects, with 11 were accomplished during
her tenure; keeping board and club meetings organized and on track; solidifying a meeting
location and a caterer (and donating leftover food to the local fire department); and energizing
members with monthly musical playlists and weekly President’s messages.
Sefton went on to affirm his commitment to Rotary International President-Elect Jennifer Jones’
theme for Rotary – “Imagine Rotary” – a commitment to engage with others to build partnerships
to change the world. Sefton said he wanted to use this theme as an opportunity to engage with
the greater “Rotarian family” to accomplish bigger goals.
Sefton went on to establish his goals for Greensburg Rotary during the 2022-23 year: Increasing
club membership by at least two members, increasing District Conference attendance to 8
members, taking on and completing at least 10 projects, increasing the club’s presence and
visibility on social media, and having at least 4 club social activities. Sefton also reaffirmed his
commitment to continuing community service projects with projects already tentatively
scheduled for July and August.

Sefton is a founder and the Executive Director at All for One (A41) Ministry, a 501(C)(3) not-
for-profit with the mission of uniting local churches through worship, service, and giving.
As her last act before handing over the reins to Sefton, Jenni Hanna took time to reflect on the
successes of the past year and to recognize the efforts of all club members. Hanna celebrated the
overwhelming efforts of club members to embrace and fulfill her vision of expanded community
service projects.
Indeed, during the 2021-22 year, despite pandemic restrictions and issues, Greensburg Rotarians
contributed over 95 community service hours during 11 projects! Hanna recognized those who
had participated in multiple community service projects during the year, with former club
president Tami Wenning topping the list with 7 projects! Steve Freeman, Alex Sefton, and Daryl
Tressler each participated in 6 projects, and Roger DuMond, Mandy Lohrum, Gracie Maxwell,
Bill Robbins, and Emily Steele each helped out with 5!

Hanna also provided more direct recognition in the form of end-of-year awards:
• Bill Robbins was presented with the Major Donor award by District Governor-Elect Mandy
Lohrum. The Major Donor award recognizes Rotarians who contribute over $10K to Rotary
International during their time with the organization.

• Douglas Orr was presented with the first “Out-and-About” Award, recognizing the club
member who had captured the most Rotary-related pictures during their travels for the year.
• Nathan Vandrey was recognized with the Jack Hurst Rotarian of the Year Award. This award is
presented in memory of former, long-time Greensburg Rotarian Jack Hurst, to a current member
who has excellent attendance, club participation, and demonstrates Service Above Self
• Hanna also gave a special thanks to the board members who worked regularly – sometimes
almost daily – with her to help make the year such a success. These included Jeff Emsweller,
Steve Freeman, Mandy Lohrum, Kelby Owens, Linda Simmons, Daryl Tressler, and Lora
The members of the Greensburg Rotary club thank Jenni Hanna for her leadership, charisma,
energy, and dedication!

The Greensburg Rotary Club is a volunteer-minded civic organization upholding Rotary
International’s motto of Service Above Self. The Greensburg club was formed in 1920, while
Rotary International, consisting of more than 1.2 million members in more than 33,000 clubs in
more than 200 countries, all serve with the same motto. Rotary International began in 1905.
Greensburg Rotary meets on Mondays at 12 p.m. in the Decatur County REMC conference

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