$250,000 for the Inclusion Park

On June 29, 2022, Governor Eric J. Holcomb announced the quality of place projects and
programs that are beginning to move forward across the state. The
Greensburg/Decatur County Inclusion Park was showcased as a project that the state wanted
to support by allocating $250,000 towards the local project. Inclusion Park Director Brendan
Bridges stated, “We are very excited to learn that the State of Indiana picked our
project to showcase to the rest of the state.” With the grant money that we received; it moves
us closer to making our project a reality.”
The inclusion-focused park, which will be developed in Rebekah Park on the east side of
Greensburg, will be universally designed, sensory-rich environment enabling children of all
abilities to interact and play. The inclusion park will include equipment made for children of
all ages and abilities, supporting physical, social, and emotional development. It will also
accommodate adult participation as well, making it fun, welcoming out for residents and
visiting families alike. With construction slated to begin this fall, a special focus will be placed
on physical accommodations, such as meeting ADA accessibility requirements; engagement
of the senses so kids can explore the space’ and integration with other Rebekah Park features
to support inclusion for all kids utilizing its spaces. Director Bridges states “We want all
individuals to work together and bring a sense of inclusion to our community.
With this donation more than $530,000 has been raised for the inclusion park. Bridges stated
that the park funding is more than 75% completed and the committee is waiting on
construction and installation cost. Bridges states “We are still waiting on construction cost
but feel that we will have the final project cost by the end of the week. We want to thank the
community for all their continued support, we are almost to the finish line.”
The Greensburg/Decatur County Inclusion Park Committee would like to thank the State of
Indiana, the Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative for their grant
If you would like to continue to support the Greensburg/Decatur County Inclusion Park,you
can mail donations to Decatur County Community Foundation, 101 E Main St., Suite 1,
Greensburg, In 47240. You can also donate online at dccfound.org, please make sure you type
in “Decatur County Inclusion Park Fund.”

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