One of 7 provisional ballots in the Decatur County Primary had the deciding vote

When votes were all counted Primary Election night, only one race remained undecided – it was a tie. That concerned the Adams Township Advisory Board third candidate’s seat. Roger Dumond and Bethany Fellows each had 113 votes for the third slot. Bethany Fellows moved a vote ahead when the provisional ballots were counted so she is the third candidate on the republican ticket for the Adams Township Advisory Board. Decatur County Election Board had to vote Friday afternoon on whether or not to accept the provisional ballots. Publicly they were referred to as Provisional Ballot 1 up to 7 keeping voters names private. The election board went through the process one by one. Ballots 1, 2, and 3 involved voter IDs. Thus the voters were able to cast their vote at the poll but then later had to present their ID to the Clerk’s Office in order to comply with voter regulations. Ballots 4, 5, 6 and 7 were vote card errors whereas the vote card did not work. Clerk Adina Roberts said that she should have been notified of the problem but rather than following procedure at the vote center, the voter was given a provisional ballot to fill out. After hearing the reasons, the election board voted to accept all the ballots. The election board did not see the vote outcome on those ballots. They were taken downstairs at the courthouse, opened, and votes added to the primary election summary report which was then released to the media showing the additional vote in the Adams Advisory Board race.

Incidentally, had the board race still been tied after the provisional ballots were counted – Roberts said that the third seat would have been considered vacant and would have had to havn been filled by the party.

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