Shelter Foster Program

submitted by Chris Ramey

The Greensburg & Decatur County Animal Shelter proudly announced a new Foster Program.
Larami Vailes, Shelter Adoption Coordinator states, “Fostering helps keep intakes low and keep
open kennels, and reduces euthanasia, and most importantly provides shelter animals a home
environment to await their forever homes.”
The shelter is proud that the first step is going to be “Home for the Holidays” beginning on
December 19, 2023. This will be a two week foster program where you can take a dog or a cat
home as a foster and provide them with an opportunity to experience a true holiday. When an
animal is in the shelter, oftentimes their true spirit cannot be seen. This will allow families to
experience who that pet really is. The program will last from December 19, 2023 until January 2,

  1. It may seem cliche but we are hoping for foster fails. This means that someone takes an
    animal and fosters them and falls in love and decides to adopt that animal.
    Starting January 2, 2023 the shelter will have a Foster Program that will allow for short and long
    term fostering as animals wait for forever homes. There will be a vetting process that includes
    speaking with your Veterinarian, home visits, and reference checks. Shelter representatives will
    be with you every step of the way.
    Speaking with Shelter Manager Minde Myers she stated,”Utilizing a Foster Program has been
    something I have wanted to do. This past year I have been able to really work towards
    implementing this program. My team and I are excited about implementing this program and to
    see our shelter animals get a break from the shelter and spend time with families, this is what
    makes me most happy.” Minde went on to say, “When we have an animal that leaves the
    shelter for a foster home or an adoption that opens up kennel space and resources for another
    animal. So if you think about it, by Fostering or Adopting you are saving two lives.”
    During my conversation with Minde Myers, she stated, “The community is amazing and they are
    always willing to donate, and help us help our animals. I look forward to creating additional
    partnerships as the Foster Program grows.”
    If you would like to provide a dog or cat the opportunity to snuggle up with you and be a part of
    your holiday traditions please reach out to the shelter at 812-663-9081 to get more information
    and to fill out an application.

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