State Representative Randy Frye will be on radio at 7:10 this morning

From Frye

The second half of session is in full swing.  Bills are beginning to pass committee and make their way to the House floor.  By late in the week a full calendar of bills will be available for debate.   The second half of session will end by the middle of April leaving the last two weeks for Conference Committee.  

SB176 deals with small cell nuclear reactors.  Indiana will need a source of energy to create electricity beyond natural gas, wind and solar in the future.  Small cell nuclear reactors are one of the possible sources of energy.  Far cheaper than their much larger nuclear power plants small cell nuclear offers an additional opportunity to create the vital electricity needed.

SB114 : This bill amends the Indiana Code provision that sets forth the cases in which a receiver may be appointed by a court to include the appointment of a receiver upon the request of a utility if the owner of a multifamily residential property with more than four units has incurred utility bills that are at least: (1) 90 days past due; or (2) 60 days past due if a payment plan has been entered into. The bill specifies that these provisions do not apply in a case in which a tenant fails to pay a utility for services billed directly to the tenant by the utility.

SB477 (1) Amends the statute prohibiting the use of public funds to purchase equipment or services produced or provided by certain prohibited persons determined to be a national security threat to communications networks or supply chains to also prohibit the use of public funds to purchase communications equipment or service that is: (A) determined under specified federal regulations to pose an unacceptable risk to the national security of the United States or the security and safety of United States persons; and (B) included on the covered list published, maintained, and updated by the federal Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau on the website of the Federal Communications Commission.

(2) Provides that the Governor may, at any time, and in consultation with the Executive Director of the Department of Homeland Security, designate a country as a threat to certain critical infrastructure located in Indiana.

(3) Provides that after June 30, 2023, a person (including a state agency or a political subdivision) may not enter into an agreement relating to critical infrastructure with a company if: (A) under the agreement, the company would be able to directly or remotely access or control critical infrastructure; and (B) the company is: (i) owned or controlled by citizens of (or a company or entity owned or controlled by citizens or the government of) China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, or a country designated as a threat to critical infrastructure by the governor; or (ii) headquartered in China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, or a country designated as a threat to critical infrastructure by the Governor.

(4) Provides that after June 30, 2023, a person may not sell, lease, or transfer a parcel of real property that is: (A) located in Indiana; and (B) directly adjacent to a military installation; to a citizen of, or company owned or controlled by, any of these countries.

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