United Fund donates to the Inclusion Park

United Fund Supports Inclusion Park

The Decatur County United Fund Board of Directors recently approved $1,000 towards the development of the Greensburg Inclusion Park. 

The Inclusion Park is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2022 and will have a unique design “from the ground up”.   Designed specifically for children between the ages of 2-14, for children with intellectual disabilities and physical disabilities.

Joane Cunningham, United Fund Executive Director, noted, “As a youth-based need, the United Fund is pleased to support this project that will be open to all in our community.   The United Fund’s focus is on education, health and financial stability.  This project provides those elements for families and children to learn, stay active, and have a resource locally to work towards greater motor skills.   We are excited for this park to be in Decatur County.” 

Brendan Bridges shared,  “Inclusion parks offer communities a different kind of space for children- of all intellectual and physical abilities- to come together and play. The study of play shows us that playing helps children develop necessary skills such as social and cognitive skills. Having a unique and safe place to allow children to grow and interact with each other can be a bright spot in our community.”

If you would like more information about Decatur County United Fund, please call Joane Cunningham at 812-663-3342,  email unitedfunddc@etczone.com or visit our website at www.dcuf.com .

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