Westport Town Council Meeting- 7/8/24

The Westport Town Council met on July 8, 2024 at 6:30 pm.

The meeting began with approving the meeting minutes from the regular meeting minutes and the executive session. They also approved bills, monthly adjustments, and payroll vouchers.

The council approved the current service contract with the Westport Kiwanis, in which they receive $6,000 for taking care of the park per year, this is paid out 2x per year in the amount of $3,000 each time. The contract with Mainstreet for $500 that is paid once per year was approved. The contract with the Volunteer Fire Department for $10,500, and is paid out 2x annually, was approved.

Rachel came to the meeting to provide an update on the Wastewater Project. She said they are still working on document requests that they received from the USDA. She spoke of the project budget and the town council approved this budget. The RPR approval letter was received with Gary Clark, who is the person selected to oversee the construction on behalf of the town. They have included other persons that could be back up for Gary. The intent is to have the town council approve of the resumes of those individuals being on site. The Town Council approved the resumes that were presented. Also they updated the contract so that it aligns with the budget. They approved the 2.5 million dollar loan resolution. Labor standards were discussed at the meeting in reference to the Wastewater Project. It was stated that it was a requirement as part of the process.

The council said that they have ARP funding of $79,510 to expend before the end of the year.

They did discuss the fire hydrant quote $3,487-$3,649 per hydrant depending on the chosen hydrant not including the labor to install. The more they purchase they can receive a bit of a discount. The Council said that they would like to discuss this at the next meeting with an ordinance. They also spoke about quotes received to put in the sidewalks from Range Street to Williamson St (Community Building) on both sides. They plan to have this brought up at the next meeting with the Hydrant Ordinance.

The Public Works Report was given. They received soil results back and they found no sewage at all in soil at a previous meeting. They also spoke of having a Utility Easement that allowed them to be on the person’s property. They requested that everyone should call 811. They spoke about today a gentleman who drilled through the water main due to not calling 811. This occurred on a property in town.  This is a free service and they encourage everyone to utilize it.

The possibility of a pickleball court was discussed. They had a guest speak about first hand knowledge from someone who plays. He spoke about the sport expanding and courts that are in Columbus and they have so many users it is sometimes hard to get into play. Ceraland just put pickleball courts over their tennis courts. They discussed an estimate of the cost of the court to be $46,600 with the Kiwanis hopefully picking up $15,000 of that.

Council member Jennifer Hryb said they need more information before they can make a decision. They have requested a presentation twice of the facts and figures. Adding that they need estimates to look at as well before making a decision. She stressed that she is a numbers and figures type of person and needs to see that.

Public comments were opened. An attendee asked about the Executive Session that was held to discuss litigation on a property in town. The next court hearing is on August 22nd which is the next step in the process.

Another attendee went to the microphone to advocate for looking at the playground equipment as well. He spoke about the amount of money needed for a pickleball court. He spoke about how many pickleball players could drive to a court. Children cannot drive and would enjoy a new piece of equipment within walking distance to their homes.

The meeting was adjourned.

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