Counterfeit pills in Bartholomew County


The Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office is alerting all citizens to drug overdoses tied to counterfeit pills.

These counterfeit pills are produced to look like prescription medication such as Oxycodone but they often contain fentanyl. Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid typically used to treat pain.

“Counterfeit pills, especially those containing fentanyl, pose a serious public health and safety risk as the consumption of a single pill can cause death”, said Bartholomew County Sheriff Matthew A. Myers.

The Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office will continue to work to enforce laws in connection with illegal substances.

If you have any information, no matter how seemingly insignificant regarding the illegal possession, distribution, or production of illegal substances, please contact the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office 812-379-1650.

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