Indiana General Assembly hears from schools in Senate District 42

INDIANA SCHOOLS INTRODUCE ROBOKIND PILOT PROGRAM TO RURAL CAUCUS: South Ripley Schools and South West Parke Rosedale Elementary School educators and Robokind representatives present their K-12 assistive robot pilot program to rural caucus at the Statehouse Wednesday, March 8.

The group discussed how the pilot program has been effective in helping students develop cognitive skills through consistent interaction with the robots.

Pictured from left to right are South Ripley Schools Superintendent Rob Moorhead, Principal Ryan Lauber and special education teacher Casey Hutton.

Robokind manufactures assistive robots that help students with disabilities improve their proficiency in learning, memory retention and reasoning skills. The robots help students practice how to interact and respond to various emotions and conversations by mimicking human facial features.

“Last November, I had the opportunity to visit South Ripley Elementary to learn about their implementation of these robots in their Moderate Education Classrooms,” said State Sen. Jean Leising (R-Oldenburg), co-chair of rural caucus. “I am pleased local schools are providing students with alternative educational methods to help children with varying learning abilities receive the education they deserve. I hope the rural caucus members also see the positive impact these robots can have on our students’ success.”

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