$2500 contribution to DCUF

[Greensburg, IN July 9, 2024—] The Decatur County United Fund received a $2,500 contribution from JCBank. Earlier this year, Decatur County welcomed JCBank to the community.

“We are excited to have JCBank in Greensburg. They came to Decatur County United Fund with excitement to get involved in the community. Dan Anderson, SVP Chief Wealth Management Officer, has even confirmed they would participate in our Day of Caring in September. Having businesses with a heart toward giving back is what makes our community great,” Joane Cunningham, Executive Director of Decatur County United Fund stated.

“Being a part of a community means supporting those in need, and the Decatur County United Fund serves as a beacon of hope and assistance for countless organizations and individuals. JCBank believes in the power of collective impact and the importance of giving back to create a stronger, more connected community for all. By supporting United Fund, we are investing in a better future for everyone. Together, we can make a difference and create positive change that resonates far beyond our own walls.” Dan Anderson stated.

JCBank is committed to provide and support extraordinary products and services which meet and exceed customers’ expectations. They believe five core values are at the heart of their commitment to the communities they serve and that is: Honesty, Encouragement, Accountability, Respect, and Teamwork. These values show in the work they do in the communities they serve to improve quality of life, commitment to financial literacy of all ages, and investing in their communities.

“Thank you for supporting our funded partners,” Joane Cunningham said.

To continue the valued work of the agencies, individuals and businesses you can give to the United Fund anytime throughout the year by simply mailing a check to the United Fund or visit our website at www.dcuf.com and select the green “Give Now” at the top of the page. The mailing address is: 108 S. Broadway, Suite 1, Greensburg, IN 47240.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Joane Cunningham at 812-663-3342, email unitedfunddc@etczone.com or visit our website at www.dcuf.com .

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