LifeVac training

Greensburg, IN – The Greensburg Police Department hosted officer training on the LifeVac, a new tool that all Greensburg public safety will deploy in their vehicles in order to better respond to calls of adults and children choking. The LifeVac can not only be utilized by public safety, but by anyone. Mayor Marsh, Chief McNealy, and Officer Dillan Able commented on this new tool and programming.

“We’re incredibly proud of our team here at the City of Greensburg and Officer Able for bringing LifeVac forward as an option, and as something that worked in his life. His story is incredibly powerful, so hopefully that resonates with the rest of our officers. The City of Greensburg is proud to support ideas that come front the frontline officers, through leadership, not only in public safety but in all our departments. We’re proud to have LifeVac in all our police cars, and in all our firetrucks that respond with our GFD and GPD teams.” – Joshua Marsh, Greensburg Mayor.

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