Allegations involve bribery and attempted trafficking with an inmate

We have in from Decatur County Sheriff Bill Meyerrose –

On August 10, 2023, an investigation was initiated at the Decatur County Detention
Center in regards to attempted trafficking of contraband into the Detention Center. On
that date, inmate William Shelton spoke with a Detention Deputy and handed the
Detention Deputy a note with the first name and telephone number written on it. Shelton
told the Detention Deputy to call the number and set up a meeting where the Detention
Deputy would receive a package to be brought into the Detention Center. The Detention
Deputy was told that payment of two thousand dollars ($2000) would be made to the
Detention Deputy for delivering the package.
At the conclusion of this conversation, the Detention Deputy immediately took this
information to the supervisor on duty, who in turn contacted a Patrol Deputy. Sheriff’s
Department administration was contacted the next morning and the investigation continued..
During the next seven days, a Sheriff’s Department Detective had numerous texting and
phone conversations with the person identified when the note was passed to the Detention
Deputy. The conversations inside the Detention Center between Shelton, John R. Yorn
and the original Detention Deputy were also monitored.
The investigation came to a conclusion Thursday. Friday 43-year old William D. Shelton, and 38-year old John R. Yorn, were arrested on charges involving allegations of:
Count 1, Bribery, a Level 5 Felony, and
Count 2, Attempted Trafficking with an Inmate, a Level 5 Felony
All accused are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

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