BWC now active

Decatur County Sheriff’s Department Implements Body Worn Camera Program

Sheriff Meyerrose announces the Decatur County Sheriff’s Department is now equipped with the new Body Worn Camera (BWC) program. Sheriff Meyerrose stated that he has been a supporter of the BWC program since before being elected to the Office of the Decatur County Sheriff. The implementation of a BWC program in the Sheriff’s Department was one of the main campaign platforms Sheriff Meyerrose promised to fulfill in his 2022 election campaign.

Since taking office in January 2023, the Sheriff and several employees have been working towards this day by writing grants, purchasing equipment, training Road and Detention Deputies, and implementing policy/procedures for the use and liability involved in using body cams.

The body worn cameras were paid for by the American Rescue Plan Act and by a grant obtained through the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. Body worn cameras are only the first step of the Sheriff’s plan for transparency within the Department. Eventually, the department plans to install in-car camera systems in all patrol vehicles. Sheriff Meyerrose stated that he expects some learning curves in the initial implementation of the program but as always it will get worked out.

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