Champions Together from Greensburg School Resource Office Brendan Bridges

During the 2021-22 school year, Greensburg High School and Greensburg Jr. High earned

banners as a Unified Champion School through Special Olympics Indiana and the IHSAA. To

earn the banner both schools had to complete four pillars throughout the year.

Champion Together is a partnership between the Indiana High School Athletic Association and

Special Olympics Indiana that promotes servant leadership among student athletes while

changing their lives as well as the lives of those with intellectual disabilities.

Special Olympics International is supporting Champions Together as a model program to

activate schools through “Project Unify” which also has the endorsement of the National

Federation of High Schools.

To earn the banner, the school must form an inclusive leadership team to organize events, put

on an event that engages the entire school to raise awareness, organize and participate in a

Unified sports activity and raise at least $1,500 at the high school level and $750 at the jr high


Both schools were responsible for putting on for Unified Champions throughout the school year.

Both clubs work to spread kindness and inclusion. Last year the Greensburg High School had

20 students involved and this was the second time that the high school has received a banner.

The Greensburg Jr. High implemented Champions Together in the Middle for the first time in

2021 and were led by 10 student leaders that began to build the program.

In 2021, both schools placed a Spread the Word banners in the cafeteria, where students and

teachers could pledge to spread kindness. The Greensburg High School sold T-shirts as their

fundraiser and the Jr. High participating in a Kiss A Pig contest with the teacher raising the most

money had to kiss a pig in front of the student body along with Administrators.

Both the Greensburg High School and Greensburg Jr High participated in Unified Bowling at

Parkside Lanes where student athletes competed with their partners to bring full inclusion into

sports. The high school also participated in a Unified Track meet with North Decatur as students

with special needs ran with their peers in several events.

In 2022-23 we are excited that Champions Together will be in all three of the Greensburg

Community Schools. In December 2022, Special Olympics Indiana and the IHSAA will be

present in the high school and jr. high for a whole school assembly talking about the importance

of bringing total inclusion to our school. In November 2022, Greensburg High School hosted a

leadership training with Special Olympics Indiana where 10 students learned the importance of

Champions Together and how to build the program going forward.

In 2022-23, Champions Together is planning a Unified Basketball game at both the Jr High on

December 13, during halftime of the 8 th grade boys’ game and the High School on January 12th

during half time of the boys’ varsity game. We ask that the community and students pack the

stands to show support for our athletes and their partners. In the Spring the high school will

participate in a Unified Track meet and both schools are planning a Unified Bowling night.

In 2022-23, both schools will be having fundraisers, which include t-shirt sales where the

community will have three different shirts to choose from if they would like to support our

program. Another fundraiser that we are working on is the Polar Plunge that is hosted every

year in Versailles, In in February. Some teachers, staff and students will participate in this event.

The money that is raised will help continue our programs at the state level and here locally. The

money that is raised will allow our local students to continue to participate in events throughout

the year and bring new ideas to our schools

We are very excited that in 2023 the Greensburg Elementary will be starting a program called

Young Champions. In the Spring we will work to have a Unified Track meet with students at the

elementary and possibly the county schools. We are excited as the planning continues to

incorporate city, school and community leaders in this project. We are also working with the

Greensburg Police Department who has been very active in Special Olympics over the past

several years. This event will also involve students at the High School and Jr. High as they will

help mentor the younger students.

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