Decatur County 4-H Fair Parade Line-Up

With the theme “Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Tom Swain Showmanship,” the parade is scheduled to start at 3 pm. Sunday, July 14th. Line-up begins at 1 pm. near the Decatur County Sheriff’s Department on S. Ireland Street.

The 2024 Grand Marshall is Joyce Swain Kisner.

We will have 4 judging categories which will be awarded $50 each. Judges will be stationed throughout the parade route. Once the parade is finished all votes will be tallied and the winners will be announced over the Fair Midway Speakers and on WTRE Live at 5.

Overall Enthusiasm

Overall Creativity

Memorializing Tom Swain & his contributions

4-H Theme

We have 80 official entries that include Trucks, Tractors, Semi Tractors, Royalty, Floats, Horses, Fire, EMS, Sheriff, City PD, and many more fun things! If you have not registered, you are still welcome to participate. You will just come to the line-up and let officials know that you did not pre-register. We will get you added to the end of the line-up. 

Organizers are asking the public to keep Ireland Street open for participant drop-off.

For line-up, drive to McKee Street if you are listed on Mckee, Ireland street, or around the Health Department. Others may go directly to their destination in the line-up.

Keep the intersection from W. Mckee St. & S. Monfort St. to the intersection of W. Mckee St. & S. Ireland St Clear for Emergency Responders & for entries to enter and exit

The Decatur County CERT team will be there in yellow vests to help with line-up and to direct traffic. East-west streets will be used for line-up, so check for your location carefully and know your number in line.

WTRE will be broadcasting from their front lawn during the parade.

Parade Organizer Chris Ramey would like to thank Decatur County 4-H Fair Committee Members, Decatur County Commissioners, Decatur County CERT Team, Mayor Josh Marsh, Greensburg Street Department, Greensburg Police Department, WTRE, and the Decatur County Sheriff’s Department. Ramey commented, “We are going to have a wonderful fair parade.”

Participants may throw candy or pass out items along the parade route.

The Parade route has changed a bit this year. The parade will begin on Ireland Street, turn right onto Park Rd, and proceed down Park Rd between the Fairgrounds and the City Park, if the entry has to offload riders, then they will turn left by the Decatur County Extension Office towards the Highway Department. If the entry would like to leave the fairgrounds they will be turning right towards Main Street. Officials will be available along the parade route to ensure that the route is followed. THE PARADE WILL NOT ENTER THE FAIRGROUNDS.

Entry Title:Street Location:Additional Note:
Sheriff Dept.Ireland Street1st Release
Grand Marshall  
Tom Swain Award Winners  
American Legion & V.A. Color Guard  
Greensburg PD  
Greensburg Fire  
Greensburg FIre  
Greensburg Mayor- Joshua Marsh  
DCMH-Ambulance 1  
DCMH-Ambulance 2  
DCMH-Pick-up Truck  
State of Indiana Queen  
4-H King & Queen  
4-H Royalty  
4-H Prince & Princess  
4-H P&P RoyaltyCircle Drive in front of Annex2nd Release
4th Dimension 4-H  
Smyrna Guys & Gals 4-H Club  
Miss Decatur County  
Miss Decatur County Court  
St. Catherine of Siena  
Miss Tree City 2023  
Jr. Miss Tree City 2023  
Little Mr & Miss Tree City 2023  
WTRE RadioCircle Drive behind of Annex3rd Release
Gabe Nobbe for Decatur County Commissioner  
Bill Metz for County Council At-Large  
Ernie Gauck for County Council At-Large  
Decatur County Republican Party  
Allison Ortman for Decatur County Community School Board  
Greensburg & Decatur County Animal Shelter  
Petal Pushers U-Pic Flower Farm  
Greensburg Jr. High Cheerleaders  
Hollie Payton for INGrassy Area next to Health Dept near Playground4th Release
Harmony Bells  
Adams Volunteer Fire Dept. Truck 1  
Adams Volunteer Fire Dept. Truck 2  
Centra Credit Union  
E&M Auto AC Trailers LLC  
O’Reilly Auto Parts  
Decatur County Right to Life  
Napoleon State Bank  
North Decatur Archery Team  
Elizabeth Lecher Hochstedler for School Board for Decatur County Community Schools.W. Forsythe St5th Release
Decatur County Parks & Recreation  
Hamilton Power Washing LLC  
Ward Equipment  
Greensburg Dairy Queen  
Tree City Fall FestivalW. Wilson St.6th Release
Greensburg Gymnastics & More  
North Decatur Jr Sr. High School Cheerleaders  
Mr. Elliot vehicle 1  
Mr. Elliot vehicle 2  
Power of the Past 1W. Scoby St.7th Release
Power of the Past 2  
Power of the Past 3  
Power of the Past 4  
Power of the Past 5  
Power of the Past 6  
Decatur County Greensburg Marching BandW. Bryant St.8th Release
St. Catherine of SienaW. Thomas St.9th Release
WRBI Radio  
Crum Trucking  
Dana Witkemper State Farm  
Dave Henderson for Decatur County School Board  
New Directions Teen  
From intersection of W. Mckee St. & S. Monfort St. to the intersection of W. Mckee St. & S. Ireland St Clear for Emergency Responders & for entries to enter and exit  
Harmeyer TransportMckee St. from Stop Sign to Blasdel Enterprises10th Release
Keller Williams SE  
Davidson Lawn Care  
Indiana Bulls-10u-South  
Greensburg Community Church of the Nazarene Yankees  
Koening Equipment  
Koening Equipment  
Koening Equipment  
Koening Equipment  
Koening Equipment  
Koening Equipment  
Koening Equipment  
Koening Equipment  
Koening Equipment  
Koening Equipment  
Tree City Saddle Club  

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