Decatur County Commissioners

The Decatur County Commissioners met on Tuesday. The board approved the claims.

Mark Mohr gave an update. There was a detour agreement with INDOT so that they can work on a bridge. This project could carry over into next year before INDOT starts the project. This was approved. They submitted CCG 2022-01 which has been accepted by INDOT. The CCG paving for this year continues and they are trying to get the roads ready for spring by clearing out all the brush and trees from sight lines.

The board approved Rick Hoeing be the APC board member replacement.

Kenny Buening gave an update. There have been 45 building inspections, 14 new building permits, and 3 red tags- 1 for building a pole barn without a permit, 1 for an addition of a covered porch without a permit, and 1 for making a pond without a permit. There was a complaint that is under investigation.

Lisa Davies came to the board with a new Minutemaids contract. This contract is a 15% increase from the current contract to offset the changing times we are in. They are trying to keep their workers with them with better pay. This contract does include the cleaning of carpets and windows. Their current contract is not over until February 1, 2023. The commissioners felt as though this increase came suddenly and seems much higher. They believe that there are other avenues that have been available for small businesses and they should look into those to come up with any short falls.

Adina Roberts presented the CSI agreement. This was approved.

Rick Anderson with Energy Solution came to the board to check in on where they are with going solar. Anderson reminded them that this is an opportunity to keep the utility rate stagnant and become independent with energy. The commissioners decided they needed more time to discuss the plans.

Minde Myers came to the board to discuss the animal control backup evac plan. The plan is to use the fairgrounds in the case of an evacuation however it would be unavailable during fair and power of the past. There was an idea to use a bay at the highway department, however if they have evacuated that means more than likely the highway department will be hectic. They are going to continue to look into this.

Dr. Amee Deiwert was appointed to the Health Board.

The board approved paying $40,990 to terminate the RBSK contract early.

Sheriff Durant is going to the county council to request money out of Cumulative Cap to replace a vehicle. This will be about $40,000.

Morgan Schofield


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