Decatur County Commissioners

The Decatur County Commissioners met on Monday.

Mark Mohr gave an update. All the painting on the Westport Covered Bridge is done except for on the ends. They plan to open the bridge for a bike race on Saturday. The RFPs for bridge 131 were due and there were 3 received. The RFPs for the Park Road Project have been gathered to turned in to the City of Greensburg for their joint project. The commissioners held a bid opening for asphalt.

The commissioners requested that Kenny Buening send a letter to get burnt houses cleaned up in Burney. There will also be letters sent to several properties with 6+ cars sitting that need to be cleaned up.

Director of Main Street Greensburg Tonya Downey came to the board to request road closures for the Friends of Freddy Food Truck Festival. This will be held on August 20th and will require Franklin Street and the area used for the farmer’s market to be closed from noon to 11 pm. This was tabled for insurance to be turned in.

The board approved the Covered Bridge Certification.

Ann Lindsey was appointed to the library board.

Sheriff Durant came to the board to discuss a riot enclosure for the entrance of the courthouse. There have been several security incidents recently including a rock smashing the front entrance door. They want to put in an enclosure system that would have the deputy on guard buzz each individual in before reaching security. This would be $32,500 and was tabled for further research. The sheriff also requested $102,000 from ARPA funds for cameras in each cell for liability purposes. This will need at least 3 bids.

Morgan Schofield


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