Decatur County Commissioners

The Decatur County Commissioners met on Monday.

Todd Houk gave an update on the highway department. They are continuing work on bridge 73. They had an approved application to INDOT for funds to work on 50 bridges over the next five years. The board pre approved up to $4,000 for the sidewalk project for bridge 236 for right of way. They are continuing patching and mowing as well as training on new equipment. Strand Associates recommended the board go with the lowest bid for the park road water main which was Dave O’Mara Contractors. This was approved.

Kenny Buening gave an update. There have been 32 inspections, 9 new building permits, and 2 red tags.

Greg Kinker came to the board with concerns regarding the BZA board. The BZA recently approved a special exception for a wedding venue and Kinker believes that they did not follow proper procedure after doing some online research. They believe a road study should still be done to see what the increase in traffic would be. Kinker believes that a board member was coaching the petitioner on how to be approved as well. Allegedly a board member made personal remarks about those opposing the petitioner as well as threatening remarks to unhappy neighbors. Kinker does not believe the Bohmans are wrong for wanting their venue, but believes the board did it wrong. The commissioners were happy this was brought to their attention in a public setting and will do an investigation.

Gillian Janitorial Services was the low bidder for the janitorial contract. This was approved.

The ARP contract with Scheidler Web Design for $37,000 was approved.

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