Decatur County Community Schools Board of Education

The Decatur County Community Schools Board of Education met on Wednesday.

The board held their annual election for 2022 officers. President is Joyce Geis, Vice President is Stephen AmRhein, Secretary is Matt Hoeing, President of Board of Finance is Nick Messer, Secretary of Board of Finance is Todd Mauer, ISBA Legislative Representative/ISBA Policy Liaison is Joyce Geis, and Treasurer is Louise Smith with a $100,000 bond. Legal council is Doug Wilson.

The board will continue to keep their current meeting date and time.

Annual compensation set by statute will remain the same. Per Diem Compensation of $112 per regular meeting and $62 per special meeting will remain the same.

The board approved the resignation of Amy Poling- Bookkeeper. The board approved the medical leave of Mike Dowell. The board approved the hirings of Brittany Roell- South Decatur, Nickolas Heath- North Decatur, Valerie Stephen- North Decatur, Tyler Johnson- South Decatur, and Pam Emly- South Decatur. The following were hired for North Decatur Athletics: Destiny Brown, Jennifer Stille, Mitch Sefton, and Brittany Foster.

The Extra Effort award for South Decatur Elementary went to Kathy Taylor and Leann Porter. Kathy has spent 44 years at the school, is always the first to help, and will do anything needed. Leann is always willing to help and the school wouldn’t know what to do without her. Both love working with the the students.

Kathy Taylor and Leann Porter

The Extra Effort award for South Decatur High School was Tiffany Wall. Tiffany has done an outstanding job coming into the school and getting to know her students and staff.

There was a presentation given on perspective building project bonds. This was a public hearing and just the beginning of the legal process for this project. The school corporation has 9 outstanding bonds and 2 of those are eligible to be refunded. Both bonds would equal about $160,000 each. For the South Decatur High School and North Decatur High School projects each would cost $5,815,000. They would hope to repay these bonds over the course of 20 years and be paid off by 2041. The project resolution for SDHS was approved. The project resolution for NDHS was approved. The resolution determining the need for these bond projects was approved. The resolution for approving the 7th amendment to the lease was approved. The resolution reapproving the formation of a building corporation was approved. The resolution for reimbursement was approved.

The member disclosure statement was approved. The purchase of 2 replacement buses was approved. The board accepted donations totaling in $286. All student fundraisers were approved.

Nicole Stone gave an update on South Decatur Elementary. Priori to Christmas break they ended on a high note throwing Christmas parties, the Book Blast, and Family Fun Night. They are kicking off the 2022 year strong. They finished NWEA testing and boys basketball has started. The robotics club has their first competition next Saturday and the 5 and 6 graders had their safety talk.

Jim Jameson gave an update on South Decatur High School. They had 6 AP scholars and 1 AP scholar with distinction and are very proud of these students. The graduation rate for 2021 is 100%. The Medical Center had its grand opening which turned out very well and they appreciate all the hard work that went into it. The FFA collected 300 collected canned goods at their food drive.

Ribbon Cutting for Medical Sciences Center

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