Decatur County Council

The Decatur County Council met on Tuesday.

Sheriff Durant came to the board to request $40,000 out of cumulative cap funds to purchase a new SUV. This has been approved by the county commissioners. This was approved. The Sheriff also brought the board’s attention to a COVID Stipend that will be presented next month.

Philip Deiwert came to the board requesting to increase the pay rate for part-time employee Erica Gunn from $17/hr to $20/hr. This was approved. They also made a request for $25,000 to go to the Bicentennial to help book events. John Pratt gave an overview of what to expect from the bicentennial. The theme is “Our Greatest Celebration” and they plan to live up to that with a year-long itinerary. This will include a Cleo Duncan Lecture Series, Fred Craig Film Series, and Jerry Williams Concert Series. There will also be Township, Cemetery, and town tours as well as Underground Railroad tours. They will be dedicating a week to veterans before Memorial Day and are trying to make sure that every veteran grave is celebrated in Decatur County. The parade will be June 11 and that evening will be the Larry Sparks Concert. The request for $25,000 was approved.

The ARPA Addendum was approved.

The additionals were approved.

The 2021 amended salary ordinance was approved. The 2022 salary ordinance was approved.

Morgan Schofield


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