Greensburg Area Plan Commission

The Greensburg Area Plan Commission met on Tuesday.

There was a public hearing on the I-1 Zoning for Ordinance #2023-05 for Annexation of property. There was a question on if a small parcel of road would be zoned I-1. Roads do not take zoning classifications and will become a city street. There was a question on whether the new zoning would allow property owners to drill well. The property will now be serviced by the city utilities which does not allow for the drilling of wells. A neighbor adjoins to the annexation wanted to address the water drainage onto their property. Any development within the annexation would have to meet the city’s stormwater plan as stated by city ordinance and monitored by city engineer Ron May. The public hearing was closed.

Ordinance #2023-05 for Annexation of property for I-1 Zoning was approved.

Resolution 2023-06 was approved. This is to modify the project list for the Redevelopment Commission.

Morgan Schofield


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