Greensburg Board of Works

Greensburg Board of Works met on Tuesday.

There was a discussion on the sale of the Dodge Charger. The airport had made it known that a courtesy car for airport authorities to use for business-class passengers is well needed. The board approved to withdraw the offer to sell the vehicle and retain it for airport use.

Veridus Group have the monthly on the Municipal Complex Project. The retention pond on the site is nearly complete and is at the proper depth and size. They have begun the construction of the storm sewer and completed work on the building pads. On the Fire Station the footer work is going to be done soon and the structural steel will start the second week of August. Equipment orders are being place for fire related items. Mobilization on the Street Department is starting this week. They will be starting on the foundation and footer work. There has been no change to the budget and the project remains on schedule to complete in Spring 2024.

Wastewater Superintendent Zeke Smith presented sludge truck quotes. They currently have 2 sludge trucks at the plant- one an ‘83 and the other an ‘89. Both are in working order but have begun to show their age when it comes to repair work. They sent out 3 quotes and received 2 answers- one from Best Equipment for $221,000 and one from Shirks International for $205,000. The board approved Shirks International, the lowest bid. There was a discussion on the Hillside Drive Stormwater repair. There is broken equipment under the street and, due to the heavy flow, it needs to have a full repair. This was approved for $25,318.98.

City Engineer Ron May presented a storm water appeal. This was an industrial parcel with improvements and the impervious areas has been checked and is in line with the ordinance. The appeal was denied.

Mayor’s Office Intern Scotlynn Reinhold presented the summer project proposal for City Park Renovations. Their goal is to update and modify the existing structures and equipment to improve what already exists. They also would like to increase accessibility to the activities within the park for the elderly and those with disabilities. Their areas of focus will be the picnic tables, horseshoe pits, and shelter 2. They plan to remove the gravel and replace with a concrete pad, add new concrete picnic tables of varying designs,redesign and upgrade horseshoe pits, and add a new coat of paint to the shelter. The total project cost estimate is $85,000. They have checked with the parks department who support the project. The board approved for the project to move forward and not exceed $85k.

Clerk-Treasurer Intern Lydia Acra presented the driver selection criteria policy. This corrects gaps in the handbook of who can and cannot operate city vehicles. This policy will help to keep in line who can re-qualify and at what time they are allowed to as well. Every year the motor vehicle records will be checked as a backup for employees who are supposed to report any issues. This was approved.

Mayor Josh Marsh discussed updates to the airport terminal. The terminal is a welcoming place for those flying into Greensburg. They would like to spruce up the exterior and interior of the building. This was approved. DCMH requested a donation to fix the sidewalk surrounding the new rehabilitation center. They would like to remove all driveway entrances, as they are no longer in use. This was approved.

Police Chief Mike McNealy requested approval for the sale of a forfeited vehicle. The board approved the sale pursuant to the civil forfeiture act.

Morgan Schofield


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