Greensburg City Council

Greensburg City Council met on Tuesday.

Veridus Group gave the monthly update on the Municipal Complex Project. The retention pond on the site is nearly complete and is at the proper depth and size. They have begun the construction of the storm sewer and completed work on the building pads. On the Fire Station the footer work is going to be done soon and the structural steel with start the second week of August. Equipment orders are being placed for fire related items. Mobilization on the Street Department is starting this week. They will be starting on the foundation and footer work. There has been no change to the budget and the project remains on schedule to complete in Spring 2024.

Greensburg/Decatur County EDC Director Bryan Robbins presented tax abatements. It was recommended at the last meeting that abatements 2020-4 and 2020-10 be tabled for reapplication for further information. They met with Gecom and reflected on their submission. The pandemic had skewed their estimates for this year, which had been the cause for concern. With the further information, abatements 2020-4 and 2020-10 were approved.

Director of MainStreet Greensburg Rose Cronley gave an annual update. In 2022 they had 9 new businesses, 8 facade improvements, 5 business closures, 1 business expansion, and 101 total businesses in the district. This year has been a year of growth with some of the biggest events in their history. They thanked all team members, volunteers, sponsors, and the community.

Mayor Josh Marsh presented Ordinance 2023-12 for the creation of a designated outdoor refreshment area (DORA). This is brand new state legislation that allows for more cohesion for events, as it allows for drinks to be carried. This will need to go to the state for approval after council approval. There will be no restrictions on current vendors, but to be a part of DORA they must submit a permit to the city. Businesses are allowed to post signage that prohibits open containers in their area and the city is making cohesive signage for these businesses for events. There were some council concerns about how far down Washington Street the district goes. Ordinance 2023-12 was approved.

Building Commissioner Sarah Hamer presented Ordinance 2023-09 to amend Ordinance 2020-07 for definitions and establishing remedies for unkempt properties. This effect sections 4 and 6 of the current ordinance relating to grass, trash, and junk. If someone were to receive a letter of violation they will not receive another for that calendar year, which is a change from the previous 3 year violation. They will have to turn in an appeal at least 7 days before the Board of Works meeting each month and within 30 days of the violation. This was approved. Ordinance 2023-10 for rezone of Hedinger properties was approved.

City Clerk Treasurer Amy Borns presented Resolution 2023-05 for transfer of funds. This is budgeted money that needed to transfer into a 300 series to be used for reimbursement. This was approved. Ordinance 2023-11 Additional appropriation from rainy day funds was presented. This is to move money in order to move it again into the Park Road Project Fund. This was approved.

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