Greensburg Board of Zoning Appeals

The Greensburg Board of Zoning Appeals met on Tuesday.

Brian Spencer came to the board requesting an appeal from February of 2022 on a variance for a carport. This property had been previously denied due to violations of the front yard and side yard setbacks, failure to request a secondary accessory structure before placing it, and encroaching on city utilities. There was a survey done that found while most of the utilities run on the South side of the property, the carport does encroach on 4 feet of public road utility. They also reached out to several realtors who could not say that the carport causes a significant change in property value to surrounding neighbors. The board did ask if there was any way to move the carport closer to the house, however it would then sit on the foundation of the home. The other accessory structure on the property is a storage shed. The board biggest issue was the encroaching on city utility, because if they were to approve this it then sets a standard for all future requests. City Engineer Ron May commented on the utility right of ways, saying they are in place to get work done in an expeditious manner if needed and for future city improvement. The variance was denied.

Emily Manship came to the board requesting to place a sign on the SW corner of the residential parcel next to Heritage Hill. This property is known as the old rectory and the sign will not be lit. This was approved.

September Place came to the board requesting a variance in order to have a B-2 operation in the front of their residential zoning. This variance will be reviewed annually and will stick with the current property owner. This was approved.

Morgan Schofield


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