Greensburg Redevelopment Commission

The Greensburg Redevelopment Commission met on Thursday.

Bill Evans with Beacon-Builders came to the board to discuss the residential development project. Over the last few months they have done a topographical survey, researched the piping, and reevaluated the drawings. They have prepared a preliminary grading plan and have determined they’ll need a lift station for the project. They met with the Mayor and the City Engineer for their insight and input on the project and have found the biggest obstacle for the project will be drainage, but feel confident in their capability of slowing and redirecting the water offsite. A local contractor did a preliminary bid in order to check costs and found in their research and review of the dirt excavation that they are 24,000 yards short. Their solution to this problem would be to expand the west pond to the south and use that dirt pulled from the expansion to balance the site. This would cost $140,000 to have it dug and the dirt compressed. The easement to move material from the area of the west pond, to put banks in and seed the area was approved.

City Engineer Ron May had a discussion on the Broadway Street property purchase. The parcel is roughly 20 acres total to be used for the new street department and fire station. They plan to use 10 acres for the construction and save 10 acres for future development. This would be a commitment of up to $300,000 from the redevelopment commissioners and the purchase may not occur until January of next year. This was approved.

The claims were approved.

Morgan Schofield


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