Garden Tractor Pull, Fish Fry and Ice Cream 06/10/23

Burney-Clay Twp Vol. Fire Dept. Garden Tractor Pull and Fish Fry and Burney Baptist Church Home Made Ice Cream.

    When: June 10, 2023

Who: Burney-Clay Twp Vol. Fire Dept.

           8433 W. Co. Rd. 100 S.

           Burney, In 47240

What: Southern Indiana Garden Tractor Pullers Assoc. 

When: Start serving Fish/Tenderloins/ Fries and Hot Dogs and Drinks at 4:00pm to 8:00pm.

             Start serving Home Made Ice Cream at 4:00pm.

              Garden Tractor Pull starts at 7:00pm.

 For more information: Contact Juston Israel at 812-593-1565.

                                                          Day of the Pull 812-663-8198.

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