Court accepts guilty pleas in a case involving attempted possession of child pornography and official misconduct as a public service

Guilty pleas on five counts were entered in Decatur Circuit Court this week in the charges filed in 2016 against 46-year old Andrew Witkemper. Witkemper admitted guilt on two counts of attempted possession of child pornography, child seduction with the defendant having a professional relationship with the child, dissemination of matter harmful to minors and official misconduct as a public servant – having been a fireman with the Greensburg Fire Department. This was a case that heard before a Decatur County Grand Jury which resulted in charges being filed.

Decatur Circuit Court Judge Tim Day heard testimony from Witkemper’s family as presented by Attorney William Frederick and Chief Deputy Prosecutor Doug Brown called the two victims to testify prior to sentencing.

For each count, Witkemper received 365 days. Some of the sentences will be served concurrently and some consecutively resulting in 1095 days with 185 days suspended.

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