$45,000 awarded

From Gracie Maxwell with the Decatur County Community Foundation

Decatur County Community Foundation is proud to offer Fire Department Grants to local community and volunteer fire departments in Decatur County. Each year representatives from each department work together to determine the best allocation of the dollars available based on respective needs. This year the Decatur County Community Foundation awarded grants to:

Decatur County EMS for purchase of active violence PPE

Letts Community Volunteer Fire Department for an ambulance cot power load system

Adams Volunteer Fire Department for equipment upgrades, including coats, pants and boots

Marion Township Volunteer Fire Department for rescue equipment

Clarksburg Volunteer Fire Department for truck and nozzle upgrades

Greensburg Fire Department for active violence protection and response equipment (i.e. vests, helmets)

Decatur County Community Foundation was able to grant $45,000 thanks to the generosity of the community. To learn more about how your donation to the Foundation reaches out and makes a forever-difference in the community, contact the Foundation at 812-662-6364, or at info@dccfound.org.

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