School Safety letter from Batesville Schools and Batesville Police

Batesville Community School Corporation
Batesville Police Department

Dear Parents/Guardians:
We want to take this opportunity to welcome the students and families of Batesville Community Schools (BCSC) back for the 2022-23 school year. Please know that the safety of students and staff in our schools is our number one priority. The school works closely with the Batesville Police Department and the two full-time Batesville School Resource Officers in our buildings during the day and at school events. They are responsible for preventing and responding to school-based law enforcement needs, fostering positive relationships with students, families, and staff members, along with promoting a positive school climate.
Each year the administrative team reviews the State-mandated security procedures approved by the Indiana Department of Education Division of School Safety. BCSC complies with all the Indiana Codes and the Indiana Administrative Rules outlining school building safety planning and the well-being and safety of your children and staff.
BCSC will use School Messenger to communicate in an emergency and utilize local media to provide information. Information may be updated through the parent portal or by visiting your child’s school. Please make sure your contact information is always current.
For your information:
The school engages in school-wide emergency drills for fire, shelter-in-place, lockdown drills and procedures, evacuations, medical alerts, power outages, storm training, and AED training.
Security monitoring devices and safety practices are continuously evaluated, tested, and updated in conjunction with the Superintendent’s vision of safety measures in the schools.
As an additional safety measure, our district implements a safety procedure for all visitors and guests who enter our school K through 8 buildings. A driver’s license or government-issued ID card may be required to enter our facilities. All parents, guests, and visitors will be asked to exchange IDs at the administrative desk, at which time they will issue you a visitors pass.
We recognize the importance of continued communication because you have trusted us with your children. Batesville Community School Corporation employees are here to provide the highest quality education for your children in the safest possible environment.
Together we empower every student to believe in better.

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