Addressing Indiana’s Nursing shortage

From State Senator Chip Perfect
In an effort to bolster Indiana’s nursing workforce, I’ve supported House Enrolled Act 1003 this session. This legislation would allow nursing programs to increase their enrollment numbers and continue our policy of allowing recent retirees and graduates to practice in Indiana.

Last year, a number of qualified Hoosiers wanting to join nursing programs were turned away because current law caps the number of nursing students in a program. HEA 1003 would allow nursing programs that have a sufficient passage rate and have been in operation for at least five years to increase their enrollment by any rate they deem appropriate. Nursing programs that don’t meet these criteria can still increase their enrollment by up to 100%, giving these programs more flexibility. 

This legislation would also authorize associate degree nursing programs to hire more adjunct instructors and give these programs the option to substitute clinical hours with simulation hours. HEA 1003 also includes language that will continue Indiana’s policy of allowing temporary licensure for recent retirees and recent graduates to help bolster our nursing workforce as we deal with these shortages.

I believe removing some of these barriers of entry, while still keeping in place our exam process and other checks and balances, is a great middle ground that will help ensure our medical facilities are fully staffed.

HEA 1003 will now move to the governor for consideration.

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