“Celebrate” Ellie Acra- First Runner Up Miss Indiana State Fair

When asked what word she would use to describe Decatur County, Ellie Acra answered with the word “celebrate”. Miss Decatur County chose the word celebrate because that is how she views her a community- a celebration of who we are and the hard work we put into every day life. Whether through agriculture, sports, or just everyday life, Decatur County celebrates who it is as a community.

Miss Decatur County Ellie Acra recently participated in the Miss Indiana State Fair pageant and received the title of “First Runner Up Miss Indiana State Fair”. WTRE had a chance to hold an interview with Acra and find out what that experience was like for her. Overall, she said the experience was very unique and fulfilling. She got to meet a lot of new people who she became very close to over the few days of the pageant and pageant rehearsals.

When asked if her family felt nervous for her, she laughed and said she wouldn’t know seeing as she was so booked up the only time she got to spend with them before the pageant was at a luncheon. After the pageant however, her family said they always knew that she would be a finalist- they just had a totally non biased gut feeling she was a winner according to Acra. The win was special as well. Acra didn’t expect to place as high as she did, in fact she said that after each round she became more and more surprised her name was still being called.

Ellie Acra and Kathy Verseman

Acra’s favorite part was her speech she gave. According to her, she was prepped and ready to go once out on stage, even if behind the scenes she was nervous. As the community saw with the Miss Decatur County pageant, Ellie Acra is a well rounded individual and very proud of her community. Congratulations to First Runner Up Miss Indiana State Fair Ellie Acra!

Morgan Schofield


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