City of Greensburg City Council- 7/9/24

The City of Greensburg City Council met on July 9, 2024 at 6:30 pm. 

The meeting began with the approval of the meeting minutes from June 11, 2024. 

Zach Wirrig, Director of Public Projects came to the board for a second reading for Ordinance 2024-11 amendment to Parking Chapter. The council approved 2024-11 on its second reading. At this time he asked for the 2024-12 Ordinance to add additional streets to the no parking table and Zach asked that this be tabled until next month’s meeting so they can do another review of the ordinance before being approved. Two individuals came to the meeting with public comments. Krista Dixon asked why this is an issue all of a sudden compared to her many years living on her street. She feels that the need to create the ordinance is due to having a community yard sale on a trash and recycle pick up day. James Stewart came to the council and said that he is highly in favor of these ordinances and wants to get this passed. Mark Klosterkemper has ordered additional signs for the roads that are already on the table. After hearing Zach’s request to table the council agreed to table Ordinance 2024-12.

The Veridus Group was not able to attend the meeting. Mayor Marsh provided an update that they have completed the punch list. He said that they are hoping for a certificate of occupancy which will be temporary to allow them to fix the elevator. The elevator has arrived; however, it is missing some parts and has a shipping date of July 22, 2024. Mayor Marsh said that things have moved along well. 

Erin Thomas, Lifetime Resources provides Area Agency on Aging programming and she provided an update on this service.. She said that they do provide transportation in Greensburg. She said that the city does give $5,000 per year and that she is coming to the City Council to ask for an increase in funding due to rising costs associated with their service. She is asking for $10,000. The Council approved $10,000 to Catch-A-Ride. The vote had 2 Nea’s which were Mark Carmen and Jaime Cain. 

Amy Borns presented Ordinance 2024-13 Additional Appropriation for Airport Operations to clean up as they receive grant funding and close the loans/accounts with Jackson County Bank. They had received funding and it was mistakenly deposited into the Airport General Operating Fund instead of towards the loan. This was something from 2020. The State Board of Accounts instructed her to create an ordinance to get this taken care of. The council passed this on the first reading.

Council members provided an update on board and commissions.

The meeting was adjourned.

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