Decatur County Commissioners meet this morning

Decatur County Commissioners Agenda

August 21, 2023

Title VI Forms
Prayer – Ray Sweet, First Christian Church
Review August 7th minutes
Approval of Claims and Payroll Claims
 Todd Houk, Highway Department

  • Dust Pads
  • Pay App #11 – Strand Associates
     Kenny Buening, Building Inspector
     Patricia Louagie, Election Clerk – Marion Township Advisory Board
     Janet Howell, Clerk – Carpet Quote
     Krista Duvall, Area Plan – Richard Friend Alley Closure, Milford
     Chad Smith, County Attorney
  • SDES School Zone Ordinance
     Sheriff Bill Meyerrose – Southern Health Care Contract
     Insurance Discussion – County Commissioners & County Council
     Highway Department (discussion of present department future use)
     Social Media Policy

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