Decatur County Community Schools Board of Education

The Decatur County Community Schools Board of Education met on Wednesday.

The following took an oath of office: Cory Ross – District A/At Large, Todd Mauer – District B, Lizette Bell – District C, and Matthew Hoeing – District D. The board held their election of officers: President – Joyce Geis, Vice President- Stephen Amhrein, Secretary – Matthew Hoeing, President Board of Finance- Tim Roscoe, Secretary Board of Finance -Todd Mauer, ISBA Legislative Representative/ISBA Policy Liaison- Joyce Geis, Treasurer- Louise Smith, and Legal Council- Doug Wilson.

The board approved to keep the previously established meeting date and time of the second Wednesday at 6 pm. The board approved the annual compensation rate of $112 for regular meetings and $62 for special meetings.

All field trips were approved. The board approved the hirings of: North Decatur • Michelle Russell – Homebound Instruction

1 Student – 4hr/week, Steve Stirn – Moving to Full Time, Dalton Jones – Student Resource Officer, South Decatur • Leann Nobbe – Part Time Teacher, Kristine Gross – Part Time Teacher, Jennifer Lang – POMPON Coach, and Tieanda Parker – POM PON Unpaid Volunteer.

Eric Blodgett thanked the board for allowing him to work with the schools for three years, up until he was offered a role in the Sheriffs Department. They plan to commit back to the SRO program of the school and update policies to fit the ever changing school security needs.

The extra effort award for North Decatur High School went to Katie Stokes. This is their second year at NDHS however their classroom and FFA program would suggest a much longer residency. They are highly capable with all student levels and are always looking toward the future and how to improve.

Katie Stokes

The extra effort award for North Decatur Elementary School went to Judy Meyer and Tonya Downey. Meyer is very dependable and provides support to all students through accountability and high expectations. Downey had brought a lot of production experience and goes above and beyond for finding resources.

Tony Downey and Judy Meyer

The board approved donation totaling in $7,461.32 and 35 bags of Rural King popcorn. The board approved all student fundraisers. The board approved the disposal of obsolete equipment. The board approved the member disclosure statement.

There was an update on NDHS. The ND Hall of Fame will induction will be on Saturday with 3 inductees. January 26 is Girls Basketball Senior Night and February 23 is Boys Basketball Senior Night. The school play is the Sound of Music and will be March 31-April 2.

There was an update on NDES. They currently have 15 faculty and staff trained in school safety and have a goal of having all members trained eventually. Kindergarten Roundup has been scheduled and planned and they currently have 2 student teachers in the building. March 2 is Title One Family Night and April 20 is Grandparents Night. Student Josie Hartman was one of five Indiana students to receive the Youth Power and Hope award.

Morgan Schofield


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