Decatur County Council

The Decatur County Council met on Tuesday.

Doug Brown came to the board requesting a salary adjustment. This is for 4 people within the child services office. They have all done an incredible job over the last year and have made our county the only county in Indiana to meet the criteria of properly paying child support. This is for each to receive $2,000. This was approved. Brown requested for 3 office employees to each receive $2,000. This is because of interns leaving and them having to take on the extra work load. This was approved. Brown mentioned that the office was down 4 people due to low pay and while he understands the council is working to fix this issue, he feels his employees deserve a reward for the work they put in everyday.

The NIPRO abatement was tabled.

Sean Durbin with the Health Department requested a full time position for 2023. This is to replace 2 part time positions, as their new hire has done exceptional in their role throughout 2022. This is in their budget and will be cheaper than paying for 2 part time positions by $20,000. There will be no insurance at the request of the employee, however if they were to change their mind later, the insurance is budgeted as well. This was approved.

All transfers were approved. All additionals were approved.

The board approved for the prosecutor to remain a full time position.

Morgan Schofield


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