Decatur County Council Meeting- 6/18/24

The Decatur County Council met on June 18, 2024 at 9:00 am.

The Council approved the May meeting minutes.

Marcia Hausman, Logistics Coordinator for Youth to Yellowstone came to the meeting to explain the impact that the support of the county council’s contributions offer. In Decatur County they have had the opportunity to offer an impactful trip to 140 youth. Marcia asked that the council to remember their organization during budget time.

Minde Myers, Animal Shelter Director came to the meeting to speak about the Commissioners asking her to look into adding a part time Animal Control Officer. It was pointed out that they had attempted to hire a part time ACO and no one applied in over a year. The council told Minde to include this in her 2025 budget request. Ashley Hungate also said that she and Minde are working to define what constitutes an emergency that someone must respond.

Heather Durnill, Thrive Alliance came to the council to state that they are again asking for support at budget time from the county. They are the Decatur County Agency on Aging. The council told her they would review her request at budget time.

Kelly Wampler, New Directions came to the council to provide information on the impact they are making in Decatur County. Kelly is also requesting support from the council in the 2025 budget. Kelly said they have provided services to 228 adults in 2023 with their 415 children. Also, she added 2024 numbers have been up 20%.

Josh Tressler, IT notified the council that due to some software changes and contract changes he will need to ask for an additional $29,826 in his county budget.

During the May meeting the council approved ordinances for salaries. Upon investigation their was an Ordinance 2004-8 that contradicts the new ordinances that they have approved. The council voted to repeal Ordinance 2004-8. This will make all employees go to base pay which only affects 7 employees. This change will be effective July 5, 2024.

The council approved all transfers.

The meeting was adjourned.

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