Decatur County Memorial Hospital Board

The Decatur County Memorial Hospital Board met on Thursday.

There was a financial report presented to the board. December was a strong volume month and surgical volumes were up by 20%. The balance sheet is strong and they have increased expenses with the increased revenue. Births in the hospital have increased within the last month. The report was approved. The Planning Committee gave a report. They got a facilities update and are also working on squaring away floor plans for the rehabilitation building. They set their meeting plan for 2021. This was approved. The Quality Committee meeting report was approved. The finance committee gave a report to the board. Catherine shared the financial information. They also reviewed the first quarter capital requests. They were given an update on the accounts receivable analysis. This was approved. The investment subcommittee gave a report. They reviewed the investments and are always looking for any rebalancing needed. This was approved.

The Conflict of Interest statements were approved. The Capital Items-Baxter Signa Infusion pumps- were approved.

Rex McKinney gave a CEO update. The Covid 19 vaccine clinic has vaccinated 3,000 people at Decatur County Memorial Hospital. In a 2020 Reflection McKinney said that this past year has been a milestone in investing in technology to advance care for the community and also that quality has moved in the right direction. They are going to continue being dedicated to quality and are excited looking toward the future.

All 1-year provisionals met were approved. All 6-month provisionals met were approved. All appointments to the medical staff were approved. All resignations from the medical staff were approved. All medical leave requests were approved.

Morgan Schofield


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