Decatur County Visitors Commission

The Decatur County Visitors Commission met on Thursday.

There were no grant requests submitted.

The Holiday Walk was a big success and everyone involved did a great job.

They are considering doing a minor renovation on the space upstairs of the Visitors Center. This would be for some extra room and would make more office space.

Mayor Marsh discussed the Wade Hampton Workshop for board members in January. This is for board members throughout the county and city. This will help break down what different board directors do for the Stellar Group. It will also help explain boards roles in the community to other boards that may not interact often with each other.

Erica Gunn and Daniel Fayette gave a marketing update. They went over website analytics, Facebook and Instagram analytics, and website analytics from the search console all of which have increased. They then did the highlights from each month of 2021. In January they had the marketing audit with Propellor which showed they were on the right path. In February they had the 2020 annual report. In March they were announced the winner of $150,000 from the Destination Development Grant. In April a new podcast was released. In May the passenger train came to visit. In June the visit Greensburg merchandise arrived. In July they had the first ever board retreat at Highpoint Events. In August they updated the vision and mission statements. In September Chautauqua had the Lee Greenwood concert. In October the first newsletter was sent out. In November the Holiday walk was set up. In December we were announced the $20 million recipients of the READI grant for 2021.

They have started to schedule sponsors for the bicentennial next year.

The board approved the contract between Visit Greensburg and Daniel Fayette for 1 year.

Morgan Schofield


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