Decatur County’s representation in Congress appointed to three committees

Congresswoman Houchin Appointed to Three House Committees in the 118th Congress“These committee assignments will allow Hoosiers to have a voice on the issues that matter most to them,” – Rep. Houchin. WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Congresswoman Erin Houchin (R-Ind.-09) announced she will serve on three committees in the 118th Congress. The committees include the House Financial Services Committee, the House Rules Committee, and the House Education & Workforce Committee. “I’m honored to be appointed to three important committees to get our country back on track and ensure families back home are prioritized,” said Congresswoman Houchin. “These committee assignments will allow Hoosiers to have a voice on the issues that matter the most to them.” The House Financial Services Committee: The House Financial Services Committee will tackle top economic issues. Congresswoman Houchin’s selection continues the legacy of Hoosiers serving on the Financial Services Committee, with at least one Indiana representative serving on the committee since the 113th Congress.  “As a member of the House Financial Services Committee, Hoosiers will have a seat at the table on the some of the most important economic issues.  This committee will play a pivotal role in establishing oversight of the Biden Administration and fighting against their growth-stifling policies. “Having been a small business owner, it will be my priority to bring commonsense solutions to protect consumers and investors, give Americans control over their personal financial data, and be a voice for rural banking. It’s important to me to help build a framework that encourages innovation in financial technology while keeping citizens safe. As a new member of this committee, I will work tirelessly to help Hoosiers protect their wallets and secure their futures,” said Congresswoman Houchin. The House Rules Committee: The House Rules Committee is one of the oldest committees in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Rules Committee is the last step in the process before most major legislation can be considered on the floor of the House, and thus plays an important role in how the House operates. “I am honored to serve on the Rules Committee to help ensure the House follows regular order and functions in a way that is responsive to the needs of Hoosiers back home,” said Congresswoman Houchin. Yesterday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy appointed Congresswoman Houchin to the House Rules Committee and announced several other appointments to the House Intelligence Committee and the Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the U.S. and China. “Under Democrat-control, House committees have been used to target their political opponents and reward their allies at the expense of addressing real concerns to our country. That ends with the new House Republican majority. The Members on these committees will work to shift power back to the American people by providing oversight, transparency, and will stay laser-focused on getting ahead of our national threats,” said Speaker McCarthy. The House Education & Workforce Committee: The House Education & Workforce Committee addresses issues that are foundational to our economy and support families working to achieve the American Dream. The committee focuses on strengthening our education system, career development, and retirement systems. In particular, the committee has oversight over Joe Biden’s Department of Education and will work to restore parental rights and choice in education. “Indiana’s 9th district is home to excellent educators, world class institutions, and a workforce that has attracted innovative companies and high-tech manufacturers. I look forward to working to improve our workforce and playing a leading role in giving Hoosier parents their voice back on matters relating to how their children are educated,” said Congresswoman Houchin. “Hoosiers have provided great perspective on what our students, teachers, employers, and workers need to succeed, and I’ll work hard as a member of this committee to deliver results.”

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