Greensburg Board of Aviation Commissioners

The Greensburg Board of Aviation Commissioners Met on Thursday.

There was a financial report given to the board. The total for all 3 accounts is $448,826.35.

Paul Shafer with BF&S gave an update on construction. They did a final walk through with the drain and grade phase as well as had another survey done. The portions of grading that had deficiencies have all been fixed and brought up to standard. They hope to have the final numbers ready for the January meeting. O’Mara plans to work on tree removal and trimming throughout the winter. AIP 31 for the supplemental grant for paving and lighting was approved. This is for $6,992.50 and is fully federal funds.

Don Tribbett gave an update on land acquisition. They have closed on one property acquisition. Another property must have an appraisal review before they continue. This was approved by the board. This is to ensure the methodology of the appraisal was done correctly.

Clerk Treasurer Amy Borns discussed the audits. This is the time of year when they begin audits and have found a few things across different airport funds that were incorrectly categorized. There is no money missing however they plan to have a full report for next month in these items to have a better idea of what is being spent out of each fund. There was a recommendation to spend $20 a month with Jackson County Bank to allow for HCH payments. This was tabled for more information. There will be an updated contract sent to each hangar renter due to the increase in rent.

The bills were approved.

Morgan Schofield


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