Greensburg Board of Zoning Appeals

The Greensburg Board of Zoning Appeals met on Tuesday.

Steve Snyder came to the board requesting a variance for fence height. The property is a corner property with 2 front lawns. The fence has been placed for a month at its 6 ft height with no neighbor complaints. This was approved.

Nicholas Gauck came to the board requiring variance to use no curb gravel instead of curbs and a hard surface paving. This is the property just west of Rural King and they would like to place 150-200 storage units there with a possible future expansion of 400-500 units. They would use the Rural King parking lot as the entrance through an easement. This was tabled because the petitioner does not currently own the property but is looking to buy it upon a vote of confidence of the variance.

Josh and Paige Chase came to the board requesting a variance for an accessory structure. This is for an apartment above a garage on a lot currently with no primary residence. The parking space would be the garage which is accessible through the alley. This was approved.

Morgan Schofield


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