Kennidy House Open House is postponed this weekend – info about Kennidy House

The Kennidy House is located at 903 E. Washington Street, Greensburg, IN.

WTRE had a chance to discuss the Kennidy House with Chad Lucas and Chrissy Ruble. They plan to run 2 new recovery homes within Greensburg- the Kennidy House and the Truth Recovery Solutions house. The TRS house will be a men’s recovery home located in the old Rain Motel building in Greensburg. The owner of the motel wanted to use it as a way to invest in the betterment of the community and made it available for the transformation. This same owner wanted to include a women’s home as well in this community investment, which is where the Kennidy House will be located. The house gets its name from Kennidy Riley, who passed away from an overdose, as a way to honor her memory. Both houses are a need within the community, as many recovery homes currently have a long waiting list. Both Lucas and Ruble believe recovery is something that never stops and by providing a safe place with a religious center, they can continue to help the community.

Those who wish to donate to the Kennidy House can do so via a wishlist on Amazon or go to They want the home to be as clean and new as possible to give an example to the women of what they can have if they do well in recovery and stay clean.

The waiting list for the home is currently growing, which both Lucas and Ruble believe is accurate for the rapid growth rate of recovery homes in Decatur County.

The recovery does have a center around God which Ruble believes adds a certain structure and belief for those recovering. To contact Chrissy Ruble call (812)560-1432.

Lucas’s forever goal is to have a Kennidy House in every state, but for now hope to continue to grow in our region. Their ultimate goal is to have helped 1 million people, one person at a time. By helping one person deeply, they can actually help everyone surrounding that person and continue to spread that help.

Those looking for recovery help outside of the Kennidy House also have options. The Recovery Out Loud program at the Arc Conference Center is on Tuesdays from 5:30-7. Unbound Recovery meets on Sunday at 5:30 at the Westport Wesleyan Church.

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