The Greensburg Rotary Club Names Their Educator of the Year

This award goes to an educator who has gone above and beyond throughout their career. A nominee must be an active, full time classroom teacher in any accredited Greensburg or Decatur County school. Any teacher who received the award in the past is not eligible to be a nominee.

Award Recipient Linda Smith

This years Educator of the Year is Linda Smith. Smith was speechless, however very honored and proud to have received the award. Her husband Merrill Smith thanked Principal Rob Smith for letting the teachers teach and be creative while supporting the kids, and is extremely proud of his wife’s accomplishments. Many people who know Smith said that she is extremely dedicated to the kids at the school. They have seen her give every ounce of herself for the school and fights for every teacher to be heard. Everyone agreed there couldn’t have been a more deserving person to receive the award.

Linda Smith

Morgan Schofield


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