Jr. High Cross Country 9/27/21

On Monday, St. Mary’s had their final regular season meet Monday. It was at home against North Decatur. The 8th graders from both schools were recognized as it was the Charger’s last regular season meet as well. St. Mary’s had one 8th grader, Wade Schutte, and North had three, Sam Cathey, Olivia Reisman, and Landon Swango. The Knights took 1st places for both the boys and girls teams. Alaina Bedel (13:22), Josie Wenning (14:41), Josie Slaven (14:46), and Katie Fisse (14:51) swept the first 4 finishers in the race. Frankie Fry (15:17), Kylie Harpring (15:58), and Mackenzie Lohrum (16:01 PR) took 9th, 10th, and 11th place.  In the boys race, Braylon Brancamp (12:24) and Conner Bedel (13:04 PR) claimed 1st and 2nd.  Wade Schutte (14:13) and Fletcher Hash (14:25) finished 4th and 5th. St. Mary’s also took 7th and 8th ribbons for Charles Cornett (15:31) and Carson Kendall (15:55). Landon Fuel (18:15), Maxwell Gauck (19:51), and Ethan Miller (22:57) rounded out the boys race with 11th, 12th, and 13th places.  The Knights will travel to Terre Haute on Saturday to run at the state meet. 

From Staci Schutte at St. Mary’s

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