Storms Strike Decatur County 5/21/22

From Decatur County Emergency Management Executive Director Brad Speer

Greensburg, IN. – May 21, 2022 Decatur County experienced storms across the entire county.  Damage was wide spread across the county, but the largest area of damage was seen in the northwest parts of the county.

The National Weather Service was contacted and they will be releasing an official determination of straight line winds of 80 to 95 mph that was experienced in the northwest parts of the county.  There was extensive damage to Shelby and Rush counties in the same area that has been reviewed as well.

The Decatur County Emergency Management Agency would like to thank the following agencies for assisting at the scene alongside the emergency response and the cleanup process;

St. Paul Volunteer Fire Department, St. Paul Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary, Letts Volunteer Fire Department, Letts EMS, Decatur County EMS, New Point Volunteer Fire Department, St. Paul Police Department, Decatur County Sheriff’s Office, Decatur County Communications, Decatur County Highway Department, Duke Electric, Decatur County REMC, Rush/Shelby REMC.

As you can see by this list there were many agencies involved with this response effort and these agencies did a great job under such difficult circumstances.  

Decatur County EMA would also like to commend the citizens in the affected area as well.  The people showed once again why Decatur County is a great place to live and raise your family by assisting neighbors and friends.  The patience allowing the emergency agencies the time to do their work and then the assistance provided in the cleanup has been tremendous.

submitted by Adam Hungate
submitted by Adam Hungate

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