DCMH recognized for innovation

Real-time surveys in emergency department enhances patient experience

Greensburg, Indiana – Decatur County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) was recognized with an “Innovation in Quality Improvement Award” at a recent gathering of the Indiana State Office of Rural Health Critical Access Hospitals. A real-time survey of emergency department patients and their families garnered the prestigious merit.

Implemented by DCMH, the mobile surveys capture patient’s (and their family’s) experience during their emergency visit. Patients receive a text message asking them to complete a short survey about their visit. The survey responses are shared with the ED leaders in real-time. This immediate feedback allows leaders the opportunity to address and resolve any issues quickly. The Medical Director also utilizes this data to look for opportunities for improvement.

This collaboration and partnership allows for an aligned focus and demonstrates that improving customer experience is important to the organization. The surveys have directly led to an improvement in patient satisfaction, engagement and experience.

The recent recognition underscores DCMH’s commitment to quality care that led to them to receive a five-star rating earlier in the year from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, says DCMH President and CEO Rex McKinney. “We continue to develop a culture of continuous quality improvement by setting and aligning organizational and department goals,” says McKinney. “This is just one more way we can help improve the patient experience and make a positive difference in the lives of our patients.”

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