Decatur County Board of Zoning Appeals

The Decatur County Board of Zoning Appeals met on Wednesday.

Don Kramer requested a variance to the required side setback of 15’ to a side setback of approx. 5’ from each structure to place a property line between the two existing structures (garage & old milk house). His son would like to purchase the home and 2 acres of property and there is separate access to both parts of the property. The property is owned by the petitioner in Greensburg, Fugit Township. Petition 2022-11 was approved.

Jeffrey Krekeler requested a “Conditional Use” in an A-2 zoning classification to run a mechanic’s shop on the premises. There has been an 8ft fence constructed, the drain has been blocked off, and the containers on the property were painted as requested by the board. The board has concerns with the fence and it’s aesthetics for the neighbors, preferring trees be added to be an additional sight and sound barrier. A neighbor came to the board with the same concerns on the fence as well as worries on their own property value as they believe the mechanic shop lessens it. The board approved a 6 month conditional use with the agreement a staggered tree line is planted in addition to the fence.

Morgan Schofield


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