Decatur County Board Zoning Appeals

The Decatur County Board Zoning Appeals met on Wednesday.

Marshall Cameron requested a variance from the required front setback of 30’ to a front setback of approx. 0′ to build a garage. They want to build the a garage on high ground and keep the backyard open for their grandchildren to use. This would be 25-30 ft. off of the E property line and the door would open on the alley side. The property is owned by the petitioner in Rushville, Fugit Township. Petition 2023- 10 was approved.

Brian Blanton requested a Special Exception to build a pond and a Variance from the required 150′ setback from a roadway to a setback of approx. 40’ from a roadway to build a pond. They plan to have the pond boomerang shaped. The ground is very flat which means a lot of dirt will need to be moved. They plan to use the dirt and run a berm on the E side of the property to keep people out of the pond and for privacy. There were concerns from the board regarding runoff from other properties. The surface water would still need to have an outlet and the petitioner would need to find a way to divert this. Attorney Robert Wickens came to the board representing an adjoining property owner. The neighbor wants them to enforce the ordinance due to an easement on their property. The property is owned by the petitioner in Hartsville, Jackson Township. Petition 2023-11 was tabled for

re-advertisement and further information.

Morgan Schofield


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