Decatur County Commissioners

The Decatur County Commissioners met on Monday.

Mark Mohr gave an update. Bridge 131 has had the RFP filled out and submitted. This was a federally funded bridge. They are currently acquiring right of way for the blue bridge on Central Avenue. The Westport Covered Bridge has had the siding put on and is waiting to be primed, however the project has moved at a remarkable pace. The Covered Bridge Festival has been cancelled this year due to the damage and repairs. The highway department is looking at purchasing certified, used vehicles due to the difficulties with buying new recently. This was approved to continue.

Krista Duvall presented ordinance 2021-17. This was approved. Ordinances 2021-22 and 2022-3 were both approved. Ordinance 2022-6, which had a non favorable vote from the Area Plan Commission, was presented. The commissioners approved the non favorable vote to remain. Ordinances 2022-11 and 2022-13 were both approved.

Kenny Buening gave an update. There have been 33 building inspections, 12 new building permits, 1 review, 1 permit renewal, and 1 red tag.

John Pratt and Mary Lou Davis came to the board to request funds to renovate a historic cemetery in Fugit Township as a Bicentennial Project. This would include cleaning up the grounds, adding a metal sign, a fence, and pavers. The cemetery has ties to the Underground Railroad and would serve not only as a Bicentennial Project but also as a stop on the Underground Railroad tours. This would take $5,000-$6,000 to complete. The Township Trustee was originally asked however told them to go to the county commissioners. The board approved up to $6,000.

Robert Huseman, Anita Deiderich, and Joe Fleener came to to the commissioners with a property issue in St. Omar. Joe plans to buy Robert’s property and would like to address the drainage issue as well as add a fence. The problem is that the drainage issue is on a piece of land owned by the county commissioners between Joe’s property and Anita’s property. The drainage issue causes water to pool for days at the back of the property and causes problems with mowing, moisture, and mosquitoes. Joe would like permission from the commissioners to enter the property and fix the drainage on his own. Anita believed that she had purchased this piece of property from Robert many years ago and was only made aware that the names were never properly switched until the property came up for tax sale. Anita has 2 sheds on the piece of property and stated that she had been maintaining the property since 1989. There are no drainage issues within Anita’s formal piece of land only the land owned by the commissioners. The commissioners approved for Joe to fix the drainage problem within 60 days.

The commissioners approved the insurance renewal. The commissioners approved for Rick Anderson with Venergy to advertise for the court services building to get underway.

The board approved a 10 day suspension without pay for an employee.

The board approved for the YMCA to use the courthouse grounds. This will be on June 25 from 5 am to 5 pm for the Rolling Tour.

The annual Congressional School Report was approved.

Steve Ruble presented the engineering services agreement for the new highway department. This is for the new water system that will run out to the new department. The contract is for $39,500. This was approved.

Morgan Schofield


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