Decatur County Democrat Central Committee presents donations on Giving Tuesday

From Decatur County Democrat Chair Chris Ramey

During our 2022 Annual Decatur County Democrat Dinner, we had a fun and exciting last-minute guest. Rebecca Maher Everett, who is John Wilder’s 3x Great Granddaughter, was in town for the Bicentennial event on September 24, 2022. She just happened to bump into Ryan Maddux Decatur County Democratic Treasurer, and he invited her to our dinner. She was very excited to attend and brought a few artifacts for our attendees to view. John Wilder was a Civil War General who was a resident of Greensburg IN 1858-1869. Rebecca brought a 1905 Medallion and stated that she wanted to donate that to our auction that evening. We were beyond thrilled to have her in attendance and have her donate such a wonderful item for the auction. Rebecca was given a few minutes to speak during the dinner and stated that she was honored to be in Decatur County. She is a long time Democrat and feels that the Medallion should be back here and help give back to the community. We did auction that Medallion and with the proceeds, the Decatur County Central Committee has pledged to put it to use for giving back and helping the community. That is where we took the proceeds from to be able to offer 5 small grants to area Non-Profits on Giving Tuesday. The Non-profits we chose to support were:

• Greensburg Daily News Cheer Fund • Decatur County Animal Shelter • Community Health Clinic of Decatur County • Decatur County Special Olympics • New Directions “It is great for the Decatur County Democratic Party to have the opportunity to give back to local not for profits. We hope to continue to fundraise, do more in the community, and make sure we are part of what brings Greensburg and Decatur County to the next level.” Chris Ramey

As we are rebuilding our party, we are dedicated to getting out into the community and helping with Community Service Projects. We would not be able to have the opportunity to do this if it were not for Rebecca Maher Everett, and our regular donors to our Decatur County Democratic Party. Thanks also to our great Central Committee, past and present.

Decatur County Healthcare Clinic
Animal Shelter
Decatur County Cheer Fund

Article and pictures from Chris Ramey

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